The Pro and Paramount Pictures team up!

The Pro and Paramount Pictures team up!

We’ve got some wonderful and exciting news to share!  One of our all time favorite properties, The Pro, by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Garth Ennis has been optioned for the big screen!  That’s right, the raunchy and hilarious story of a super hero prostitute will be made into a movie courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

The official press release can be found here:

To celebrate the wonderful news, we have put all of the PaperFilms movie related titles on sale from now (3/17/2017) through the end of the month (3/31/2017).  That’s right, enjoy a massive up to 50% off all PaperFilms movie properties.  From The Pro to The Monolith to Random Acts of Violence to of course, Painkiller Jane.  The sale applies to prints, digital downloads and both signed and unsigned copies of books!  That’s right, all on sale.

So head on over to the PaperFilms store ( and check out the wonderful deals!  We’re so excited that we get to share this great news with you!

As always, the entire PaperFilms team appreciates your total support in all our projects.  Your dedication and loyalty to all we do humbles us each and every day.  You truly are the greatest fans!


Painkiller Jane statue, Justin Gray Kickstarter and much more

Painkiller Jane statue, Justin Gray Kickstarter and much more

Wow, it has been a thrilling week for the entire PaperFilms team!  We’ve got several announcements that came out this week, so we wanted to share the great news with all of our fans.

First, we have partnered with Phicen Limited and Executive Replicas to create an incredible Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada creation: Painkiller Jane 1/6 statue based on the amazing artwork of Amanda Conner. The detail on this statue is amazing.  It has gone through several sessions with the team to craft the final version.  She’s exactly what we envisioned this character to be.  We hope you agree, this is truly a special result!  Here are some images of the statue:

The 1/6th statue will come with:

Packing List:
-Head sculpt
-Phicen New female seamless body with stainless steel armature
-3 Pairs of interchangeable hands
-Tank top
-Battle shorts
-Pair x glasses
-Belt w/ 2 holsters for .45 pistols & w/ dagger sheath
-Pair of bracelets with rivet decoration
-Pair of bracelets with beads
-2 .45 pistol
-Double-barreled shotgun
-Bikini top w/ skull patterns
-Bikini bottom w/ skull pattern
-Pair of trousers
-Faux leather trench coat
-4 Long pieces of bandage
-2 Adhesive bandage of strip shape
-2 Adhesive bandage of cross shape
-Pair of boots
-4 Color packaging
Shipping Weight: 3.50 pounds

It is a beauty for sure.  If you are interested in ordering, there is one store that is listing this already:

Next, our very own Justin Gray has launched a new Kickstarter for his project Jail Bait & Trailer Trash!  This is a 64 page graphic novel in the theme and approach of our previous Sex and Violence projects.


SUBURBAN INFIDELS is a darkly humorous tale of a middle-aged son taking custody of his estranged mother’s remains and coming to grips with her mental illness and the darkness of their shared past.

In AN OBSCURE AND VANISHING TRIBE, a racist & misogynistic alcoholic named Ben tries to play cupid to a Korean American bartender in love with his African American co-worker.

The titular story, JAIL BAIT & TRAILER TRASH is a high octane teenage lesbian, spaghetti western set in the modern world.

You can back this project on Kickstarter at:

To add to the above thrilling news, our own Frank Tieri is launching a captivating new series from Aftershock Comics entitled Pestilence with Oleg Okunev on art.  This mini-series is scheduled to launch in May, the series revisits the Black Death epidemic from the 14th century and postulates that it was the first zombie infestation.


Frank has a great article on the book at Newsarama:

Finally, we’ve restocked some of the items in our PaperFilms store and have added some cool new Amanda Conner Harley Quinn mini-prints (seen below).  So be sure to head on over to the website store and check out the new items:

We truly appreciate all of your wonderful support for the team and their projects.  We hope you continue to follow with us as we charter through these new endeavors!

PaperFilms Black Friday sale!!

PaperFilms Black Friday sale!!

Thanksgiving is upon us and we have gathered with friends and family.  We have argued, we have hugged, we have probably eaten too much food, given thanks for what we have, closed our eyes and remembered some great friends no longer with us and some will be preparing to jump in their cars and go camp out in front of retail establishments and look for rock bottom pricing on things they might not need.

That is where the entire team of PaperFilms has decided to help you out.  With our weekend Black Friday sale, we’re going to be just as crazy with some of our products, however, here is the great news……you don’t even have to leave the warmth of your house.  We’ll send the products directly to you, no effort on your part.  Heck, you can be like Jimmy and do all of this without even wearing pants!

We’re just that crazy!

From Friday, 11/25/2016 through Sunday 11/27/2016, we giving you two unique options:

  • All digital books are an incredible 50% That’s right, a full ½ off our pricing.  You can get a lot of content at 50% off!
  • To celebrate the recent news of Painkiller Jane being optioned by the lovely and talented Jessica Chastain, we are offering a signed copy of the Painkiller Jane: The Price of Freedom TPB (which normally retails for $20 unsigned) for just $5……but wait, there’s more……this trade will come signed by Jimmy Palmiotti. That’s right, the co-creator and shepherd of the character will lovingly scratch his name on the book with a smile knowing you’re purchasing the tales of his favorite creation.


To take advantage of this sale, simply head over to the PaperFilms website store, and browse the sale items and more.  At checkout, enter coupon code:  FRIDAY to activate the deals.

This is just a small way we’re trying to give back and say thanks for all your loyalty and support.  Purchasing directly from us, your backing goes directly to the team.  That’s right, directly to Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Paul Mounts and yes, even Frank Tieri.  Your backing allows us to push forward with new creations and projects.  We couldn’t do it without the love of everyone!

Once again, we thank everyone for your support!

The entire PaperFilms team

Celebrate Painkiller Jane!

Celebrate Painkiller Jane!

With all of the incredible news coming out for the film adaptation of Painkiller Jane by Jessica Chastain and Lotus Entertainment and Solipsist Films, we’ve compiled just a short list of announcement press releases below:

To celebrate the amazing news and allow everyone to get caught up on the adventures of Painkiller Jane, we’ve opened up the warehouse and put some amazing deals in place for everyone to take advantage of.  We have both signed and unsigned versions of our Painkiller Jane TPBs and some bundle packages now available for purchase.

We have a whole new category dedicated to our lovely vigilante!

So head on over to the store, snag some great items and get caught up before she hunts you down!

This is a great time to be a Painkiller Jane fan!

Jessica Chastain set to play Painkiller Jane

We’ve got some amazing news that we are finally able to share.  The amazing Jessica Chastain and her incredible production company are fully involved in bringing Painkiller Jane to the big screen.  Deadline has just released a great article about the collaboration:


We are so thrilled to be involved with Jessica and her team!  She has a great track record and is an amazing actress that can really bring Painkiller Jane to life.  We hope you are as thrilled as we are for this great news!


The Adventures of Penelope Hawk KICKSTARTER by Justin Gray

We’ve got some great news folks.  PaperFilms own Justin Gray, along with the editorial genius of Joanne Starer, has launched a brand new KICKSTARTER project for his all ages novel THE ADVENTURES OF PENELOPE HAWK.  This is a fantasy fiction novel that is 300-page novel features a strong 11-year-old female protagonist and is a book BOYS, GIRLS, and GROWNUPS can enjoy.  With an amazing cover by collaborator MAIKE PLENZKE, the story takes the reader on a journey through the fantastical world of Marazia, the place all children go each night to dream.


The story contains explosive action; fantastic locations governed only by imagination, strange and beautiful creatures, Warrior Princesses, scary monsters, a magician specializing in horticulture and so much more. The characters are lively, funny, sweet, sour, and the villains are, well, villainous.

There are several tiers available for backing in this campaign.  Be sure to head on over and check out the campaign:

THE ADVENTURES OF PENELOPE HAWK will take readers on a journey through the fantastical world of Marazia, the place all children go each night to dream.  

Penelope lives in Reedville, New Mexico; a place once voted the most boring town in America, but when Lord Tasm, King of Nightmares kidnaps her mom and puts the entire town under a spell, Penelope discovers that she’s the only person who can save them. 

So Penelope embarks on an epic and action-packed adventure, joining forces with a dragon, a robot, a magician and seven Warrior Princesses to stop the Nightmare King and his army of monsters.


In Anaheim on 10/28 – 10/30?  Head over to the Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con and meet Jimmy and Amanda at the show!  More information can be found at the convention website (!

Additionally, to help celebrate the new Kickstarter plus the great season, we’re running a website sale of 25% off all items from now till 10/29.  Enter “HALLOWEEN” at checkout for your discount!

We hope you get the chance to back the new Kickstarter by Justin and support creators alike!

Thanks everyone,

The entire PaperFilms team.