Paul Mounts Emerald City Comics signing 11/28/2014

Quick update for those of you in the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area.


On Friday, November 28, 2014 from noon till 2pm, our very own Paul Mounts will be performing a signing at Emerald City Comics.  More information can be found at:


In other news, the ABBADON Kickstarter is moving along well but there is still time to participate and help this campaign be a success.  There are still lots of great tiers available for backing so please, join us in this next adventure.

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Thanks everyone!

ABBADON media blitz continues

It has been a wonderful last couple of days here at PaperFilms!  Our latest Kickstarter, ABBADON, has been receiving a wonderful amount of press coverage for the campaign.  The entire team is thrilled to not only be partnering with Adaptive Studios for this endeavor, but to once again be sharing the output with our dedicated backers.



Below are just a sampling of some of the articles and posts about ABBADON:

The success if this and any campaign relies upon the fans to help spread the love.  So if you can, we truly appreciate you helping us get the word out there about the campaign!  You can use the above graphics on Facebook or Twitter to help out.

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Once again, we truly appreciate all of the support!!!

ABBADON: A new PaperFilms Kickstarter collaboration

We have some wonderful and exciting news to share.  The PaperFilms team has launched it’s 8th, that’s right, 8th Kickstarter project.

With this project, we have started a partnership with the multi-talented Adaptive Studios (  You can head on over to Kickstarter and check out ABBADON!


Fans of our run on both JONAH HEX and ALL STAR WESTERN are in for a treat as we offer a hard hitting, graphic, yet intensely dramatic character driven story in the same genre, however free of any rating system.

With this graphic novel adaption of ABBADON, a screenplay by Spencer Marstiller, PaperFilms is happy to announce our partnership with Adaptive Studios for this special project.

In ABBADON, we introduce an unconventional western, set in a town where illicit sex, gambling and even murder are legal under the right conditions. The story is gorgeously illustrated by Fabrizio Fiorentino, whom we collaborated with on All-Star Western, and complimented by the lush digital painting style of artist Alessia Nocera. Featuring a dynamic and stunning cover by Tim Bradstreet (International Horror Guild Award winner for Best Artist), ABBADON boasts special reward categories featuring an exclusive limited edition mystery cover and print by multiple Eisner and Shuster Award winner Darwyn Cooke and a special print by Amanda Conner.



The entire square bound, SOFTCOVER book will be a total of 72 pages, plus material, printed on the best paper stock available and printed in the USA. We need to raise the amount featured to cover everything involved in producing a book this big and beautiful as well as printing, shipping and handling.

The inspiration for this project comes from our love of mature westerns, murder mysteries and the horror genre.  Once Adaptive Studios shared the original, unpublished screenplay for ABBADON with us, it was a project we immediately fell in love with.

Because of that, we offer a big THANK YOU to everyone out there from all of us at PaperFilms and our creative partners on this project, the crew at Adaptive Studios.

PaperFilms NYCC schedule

Hey everyone,

If you’re going to be headed to the massive NYCC this coming week/weekend and you’re looking to find Jimmy and Amanda, they will be at booth G8.  There panel schedule is as following:




AMANDA: Solo panel: 1-1:45 RM 1B03
JIMMY: Plotting to pencils: 2-2:45 RM 1B03


JIMMY: Signing at JET CITY booth. 3:00-3:30
JIMMY: DC COMICS panel: 4:15-5 rm 1a06
AMANDA: DC Women in comics: 6:15-7 rm 1a06


JIMMY: Crowdfund your project: 1:15-2 rm 1a01
JIMMY Listen to jimmy panel with guests; 3:15-4 RM 1A14


Also had some great coverage on the Painkiller Jane upcoming movie at MoviePilot:,manual,manual

And finally, if you can’t make the NYCC, don’t forget, from now till Oct. 12, we have a 15% sale ongoing.  Just enter NYCC at checkout for 15% your products!

Thanks everyone

New York Comic Con, Tampa signing and store sale

What a busy October for the team.  After wrapping up a wonderful Long Beach Comic Con event, the team is quickly regrouping to participate in a short Saturday signing and then off to the Big Apple for the monstrous NYCC.

First, if we were lucky to visit with any of our followers at Long Beach Comic Con, we truly thank you for coming out and visiting us.  The lines were long for Jimmy and Amanda and we appreciate your patience.  It was a wonderful convention and one we’re thrilled with the turnout.


This Saturday, October 4, 2014, if you’re in the Tampa, FL, be sure to swing by Heroes’ Haven Comics from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to see Amanda and Jimmy for a Harley Quinn signing!  More information can be found at the store’s website:

The following weekend, October 9th – 12th, if you are in the NY area and are planning on visiting the New York City Comic Con, swing by table of Amanda and Jimmy to say Hi.  They are participating in a number of panels throughout the weekend so be sure to check out the convention website for all the information.

Finally, in honor of a great LBCC and the upcoming NYCC, for all those fans who are not able to make the convention scene right now, we’re hosting our own website convention sale.  From now to Oct. 12, if you enter NYCC at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your products!  That’s right, save some cash, support the team!

We hope to see some of you faithful fans at any of the signings and upcoming conventions.  You’re all the best!