Whew….the entire PaperFilms team is heading into what should be a wonderful but busy June.  All of the team members have some exciting projects racing forward so we hope you understand the gap between posts.  We love interacting with all of our fans and supporters as much as possible so we hope you understand that hitting our deadlines is our #1 priority.


The bad news for us is that we’ve had to let All-Star Western and Jonah Hex ride off into the sunset.  Unfortunately the numbers just didn’t add up on the book and while we’re sad to see the big guy go, Justin and Jimmy are lucky and thrilled to have the amazing Darwyn Cooke in the saddle for the last round.  We couldn’t ask for a better partner to send off Jonah!


The good news is that we have some exciting projects coming up.  Harley Quinn continues to be pushing sales well above expectation and the title will begin double shipping in the upcoming months.  With all the wackiness that comes with the character, it certainly has been a fun trip with Harley for Amanda and Jimmy.


Also starting from DC is Star Spangled War Stories featuring GI Zombie.  It is such a wacky title and Jimmy and Justin are thrilled to have Scott Hampton onboard for the art on this title.  The pair did a quick interview up at Newsarama that you can check out their thoughts on the title.



In addition to the DC work by the team, in June the Amazon Kindle Jet City series WOOL will launch.  The Justin and Jimmy have teamed up with Hugh Howey to provide the graphic adaptation of his great WOOL series.  We were thrilled when they reached out to us about crafting the adaptation and hope to provide Hugh’s story justice.  You can find out more about the title at Amazon:


Also upcoming in June (14th and 15th), if you are in the NY/Long Island area, the Eternal Con is hosting Amanda, Frank and Jimmy (along with Nelson DeCastro) for the weekend.  If you are in the area and want to check them out, make sure to swing by.  More information can be found at the website:  http://www.eternalcon.com

Do you know that the PaperFilms team has their own Publisher section on Comixology?  That’s right, head on over to see just some of our titles grouped accordingly:  https://www.comixology.com/Paper-Films/comics-publisher/2047-0

As this day goes along, we want to express our extreme thanks to everyone on this Memorial Day that served for our country.  It doesn’t get said enough but we truly thank each and everyone of you for putting your lives on hold and in the line for our safety and freedom!

Since we’ve had so much going on, we wanted to give a little back if we can from ourselves to you.  Therefore, we’ve created a 10% storewide coupon (excluding prints) for our store.  Simply enter: MEMORIAL at the checkout and get 10% off your order (good through 5/31/2014).


Once again, we can’t thank everyone enough for all your loyalty and true support!