Whew everyone, this has been a wild first portion of the year but also been so exciting at the same time.  You may not have heard about the new DC Series events that the PaperFilms team will be involved with this year.

First, will be a new Starfire series by Harley Quinn creative team Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Emanuela Lupacchino.  The team will have a fresh take


Next, the team of Amanda Conner, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti will join artist Stephane Roux for a Power Girl/Harley Quinn team up mini-series.  So if you’ve enjoyed the Harley Quinn arc with Power Girl, be sure to keep this mini-series in mind for some great adventures.


In April, if any of our backers are in the Orlando, FL area, several of the PaperFilms team members will be participating in the always exciting MegaCon (www.megaconvention.com).  Swing by and see Jimmy, Amanda and Frank Tieri for all your fun needs.  The convention takes place from April 10 – 12th.

On April 24 – 26th, in Chicago, IL, is the massive C2E2 convention where Jimmy and Amanda will once again hold court for all of their fans.  Be sure to swing by their table and say Hi.

Finally, we know we’ve been low on several areas of the website stock but we’ve recently gotten fresh shipments of multiple items for the store.  We’ve got a great stockpile of the always desired Amanda Conner prints, copies of some of our past Kickstarter projects and even more signed items.  As a way to say “thanks for your patience”, we’ve created a 20% of coupon for all of our items.  Simply enter “RESTOCK” at checkout to get your discount and help support our entire PaperFilms team!

We hope to see as many people at our convention appearances as possible!  Swing by and say hi if you can!!!

Thanks everyone.  Your support is tremendous!