While we had to say goodbye to Creator Owned Heroes last week, we opened up the door to another project.  In March, we will be putting out a collection of the TriggerGirl 6 story by us and phenomenal artwork by the talented Phil Noto.  This will be coming out from Image Comics.

Below is an order form that you can take to your local retailer to ensure you get a printed copy of this book.  Can’t tell you how proud of this project we are and how much fun it was to finally see it in print.  Was a joy to work on.  So please, make sure you ask your retailer to order this book and if you can share it with others, we’re forever your friends!  Well, if you are coming here, we’re already your friends but even more good karma will come your way.

We have also started another Facebook fan page to see if there is any interesting in getting a Jonah Hex Absolute Edition out there.  This is totally in the hands of DC Comics, but we are hoping if there is enough support, it will garner the attention that this great character deserves.  Too many good stories from the past are just sitting out there waiting to be read and we’d love to have a big HC sitting on our selves just like you would.  So please join the group and post your comments.  These are noticed by DC.


Thanks again for everyone’s support!