World domination?  Comic masterminds?  Insanity ploy?

These are all thoughts that went through our heads when trying to come up with an inventive, unique opportunity to create something brand new for the release of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s new series SuperZero for Aftershock Comics.  Not only is the story something unique but we have created a PaperFilms exclusive cover for the new series.  What makes this new and unique and never been done before, this exclusive cover will have an empty word balloon in which you can have your custom text entered in the word balloon (up to 150 characters) –

That’s right, let us wish you well, make your friends jealous, mock your family, give a shout out to your monkey, whatever….you tell us, we write it!  Do some checking folks, this is a first.  We also are selling an unsigned version and a simple signed version of this variant cover as well.

No Diamond ordering for these options, just right from us.  It is a risk but something we wanted to try.  So you can head over to the website store ( and pick up these exclusive covers.  Not only that, you’ll be able to read the great SuperZero story.  Jimmy and Amanda have poured their hearts into this story and are extremely proud of this interesting and innovative tale.  Below are some preview pages from issue #1.

Again, it is something different and we hope you not only appreciate the approach but also consider supporting not only the covers but the book itself.  We love doing projects like this knowing that our wonderful fans continue to back the team!

Thanks again from the entire PaperFilms team!