Wow folks, it has been an incredibly busy, but wonderful, summer so far.  The entire team has been making the rounds with various projects and conventions to keep us all on our toes.  From a Kickstarter standpoint, the team has been heads down working our way through the incredible backing list to get each and every backer of DENVER their reward tier.  Lots of prints and books to sign and pack up.  It is a chore but let us tell you, it is one of the most rewarding feelings!

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We’re continuing that process.


June was also a very exciting month for us since we finally were able to have our collaboration with the talented Hugh Howey of WOOL released on the Kindle platform from Amazon’s Jet City Comics.  This is a big deal folks.  Both Justin and Jimmy are huge fans of Hugh to begin with so the project was a joy to be able to collaborate with such a talented writer.  If you get the chance to purchase and enjoy, please, leave a comment on the Amazon page, it helps us a ton!

Also, make sure you are keeping up with Savage Wolverine with Frank Tieri.  He returned to the title and has been itching to craft yet another great story.  You can find a bit of his approach at this great CBR interview:

And if you haven’t noticed yet, we have a large assortment of Amanda Conner prints now listed on the website.  Knowing that it can be difficult getting to conventions, we wanted to open up a limited amount of prints on our website for everyone to enjoy the great artwork of Amanda Conner.  All prints come hand signed by Amanda and are quality prints.  So head on over to the store website and check them (and other signed books and projects) out!

power girl amanda conner HarleyQuinn_Cov01 HQ2

To help everyone out, we’ve added a 1 week coupon on our site (10% off ALL items on the store).  Thanks right, everything…all…the whole kit and kaboodle.  Enter Coupon Code:  SUMMER and you’ll get 10% off everything (offer expires 6/22/2014).  Just our way of saying “Thanks” for supporting everything we do!

The PaperFilms takeover begins with your support!