Hey all:

Been some very busy and exciting times for the PaperFilms crew these past and upcoming weeks.  Just to keep everyone updated with the happenings, we’ll give you a quick list of what is going on.

WEAPON OF GOD Kickstarter:

The good news is that the WEAPON OF GOD Kickstarter project books have come in and a big chunk of those where shipped out this last weekend.  Included were a variety of prints, signed comics and more.  The larger and overseas packages are in process of being sent so if you’re one of the small group a part of that, we hope you have a bit of patience with us.  Small operations make this stuff hands on work!

WOG_shippingBe on the look out for our next Kickstarter that should be going up within a week or so.  🙂

Painkiller Jane launches at Marvel’s Icon Imprint in November:

We are beyond thrilled to be working with the Marvel Icon imprint to bring Painkiller Jane back to her publishing roots.  Jimmy has written a killer story with Juan Santacruz on art.  The story will come out in November and it is key that you let your retailer know about the book and pre-order.  The Diamond Pre-order code is:  SEP13 0771

Variant cover by Dave Johnson
PAINKILLER JANE is back in action as we follow her on an adrenaline filled adventure protecting a Saudi Arabian princess on her visit to the New York City. It seems a number of people want her dead and the only thing between them and her royal highness is our gun toting, out of control, Painkiller Jane. Also in this issue a 10 page back up telling you all about the origin of Painkiller Jane and her friendship between her best friend Detective Maureen Fernandez.
40 PGS./Mature …$3.99

Baltimore Comic Con:

Next weekend (Sat & Sun, Sept. 7-8, 2013), three of the PaperFilms team will be at the Baltimore Comic Con.  Jimmy, Amanda and Frank will be making an appearance at the convention and would love to sign stuff and just say thanks for supporting their projects.  if you’re in the area, swing on by!

And as always, if you are on the lookout for some of our products, be sure to head to our newly remodeled Store.  We’re always trying to get more of our products up on the site and will be adding more in the near future so keep stopping by!


Thanks again for everyone’s support!