We’re heading into the summer season with a bang here at PaperFilms.  With the con season kicking into high gear and multiple projects coming out, we’re certainly staying busy.  Few items of note that might be of interest to everyone.

WeaponOfGodFirst, the WEAPON OF GOD Kickstarter was fully funded with several reward tiers unlocked for upgrades on the event.  We are looking at mid to end of August to get this out to everyone who supported it.  Like some of our other Kickstarter projects, the digital versions will be available right here on our website shortly after all books have been printed and sent out to the backers. So if you missed out supporting the project, please make sure to keep an eye on our site for the new listings.

BW_MM_Presale-copy_k2lgijn0gv_Out the week of 6/26/2013 from DC Comics is the Before Watchmen: Minutemen/Silk Spectre HC collection, containing a co-written and drawn by Amanda Conner for her marvelous Silk Spectre mini-series.  Amanda poured her heart and soul in this project so the collection turned out great.  It was included with the amazing Darwyn Cooke Minutemen series so this is one heck of a package.  Keep an eye out for it and snag it if you can.

The San Diego Comic Con is upcoming, and while both Jimmy and Amanda will be in attendance, they will be doing some various booth signings and panels, but if you want to enjoy their company or see some of their products, they will be at attendance at the Trickster event.  You can find out more about Trickster at:  http://trickstertrickster.com/

Finally, as we continue to move forward with all of our projects, we are trying to offer them in as many digital formats as possible.  So not only are we attempting to make those projects available from our own site (where the funds go directly to the creators and help fund more new projects):


we are also working with Amazon to make our comics available there as well.  If you own a Kindle reading device and would like that option, you can find some of our projects on the Kindle store.  We’re beginning this process so keep searching on the store and you might see more projects appear.


So, lots going on with the crew right now and we continue to appreciate your support and dedication to our projects!