Hey folks:

Great news, we have launched our newest Kickstarter project:  WEAPON OF GOD.  This is a 50 page, Adult Graphic Novel structured as a Print On Demand, available now only via Kickstarter pledges.



This is where you can not only pledge to support, you can also help us by spreading the word for the project around the internet.  If you can link this project in any place like Facebook, Twitter, blogs…anywhere you can think to post, we’ll love you for it.

These last Kickstarter projects have let us take some chances, tell some different stories, find some new audiences, and offer some unique rewards during these campaigns.  Check it out, some of the reward structures are limited edition prints, scripts, original art by both Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner.  Most of you know that Amanda has limited her output for sketches at conventions and shows.  This is a great alternative to get some art as well as support the project.

We hope you are able to support the campaign as many of you have in the past.  We’ve always said, we have the best fans in the world and you have continued to shine for us.  For this project and others, we can’t thank you enough!!!!