One of the fun projects we were able to work on with the lovely and talented Phil Noto was our mini series called New West from Black Bull Publishing.  This was created in 2005 and is being produced by Benderspink, Len Wiseman and Gareb Shamus.

Well, Variety is reporting a writer has now been attached to the project, which is great news!

Additionally, make sure you swing by the Stranger Factory website.  Our Art of Narrative had a glorious turnout for both the exhibition and the storytelling workshop.  There are several items still available from the event for purchase.  You can check it out at their website.

Finally, we are hoping that some public notice of a new Facebook page will allow DC to consider publishing an Absolute Edition for Jonah Hex.  Again, we don’t control this but the more feedback they get, the better the chances are for this happening.  So if you find it in your liking, please add the page to your list and leave a comment!