Well folks, we just wrapped up a great west coast trip to do an incredible Harley Quinn signing at Phat Collectibles in Anaheim, CA.  We got to met some incredible fans and sign lots of Harley Quinn #0 and Painkiller Jane #1 copies.  Thanks to everyone that came out.


Later on Jimmy and Amanda were able to clown around in the LA area and meet up with several of our west coast friends that we have a hard time seeing.  Thankfully J&A were able to participate in the west coast Drink and Draw group, headed up by our faithful cohorts Dave Johnson and Dan Panosian.  If you’re not buying everything these two touch, you’re missing out on some great stuff.  Even better when Amanda is able to mock Dave with a drawing of him as a dog.  🙂



So with a little time, Jimmy and Amanda were able to schedule some work visits in LA prior to heading to the wonderful Long Beach Comic Con.  This is a convention they never want to miss because of the fans and how wonderful the convention is run.  Here was just one of the many, many fun things to come out of the convention.  A nice little sketch cover that Amanda did where Dan P. decided he would try to outdo Amanda.


Now that we’re back into the swing of work and headed into the Thanksgiving holiday, everyone at the PaperFilms crew wants to wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels if you are on the go.  We have so much to be thankful for ourselves but as a team, your loyalty, support and friendship everywhere we go is always up there.

As a slight way to give back, instead of the hustle of the crowds at the stores on Black Friday, from today till the following Saturday (expires Dec. 7, 2013), we’re offering 10% off on all our store items.  Simply enter: harley in the checkout coupon and receive your discount (in honor of the great launch of Harley Quinn #0).  This is just a small token from us to you.  Plus, you can avoid having to wait in line and you can even shop in your underwear (a common shopping outfit of Jimmy).

Thanks again everyone!