After a long but fully exciting MegaCon 2013, we are in the recovery stage of a great convention.  It was incredible to see each and every person that swung by the booth to see Amanda, Justin and Jimmy.  We couldn’t ask for a better set of friends and fans!  Below is just a sampling of the crew, friends and stuff that we had from the convention.

If you have any additional photos from MegaCon 2013, please feel free to send them to:  [email protected]

Thanks and we’ll see you next year at MegaCon!!!

Her artwork is amazing.

Proof Justin does exist at the same time Jimmy does.  **He’s not just a paid actor!

Told you, her artwork is amazing.

Proof that Dan Panosian is just one step away from the missing link…or maybe he is??  Check the man out at his website:

Another great guy, Dave Johnson, is just pure fun…maybe there is a future for him!  Check him out at:

And finally, what convention would be complete without Jimmy and some girls?