We are super thrilled to see Harley Quinn #2 roll out from the press yesterday and for the most part, the reviews have been positive.  The book was always meant to be a fun effort and a chance to show the character some long, lost justice.  We’re working extremely hard to show a “fun” Harley.  You win some, you lose some, we’re just hoping people try.


Here is a short list of reviews from recent days:





In other news, we’re prepping for shipping out all of the Forager print copies to all of the backers.  It is a long process and we’re extremely pleased with the final print version of the book and the limited edition prints.  We appreciate everyone’s patience on getting these out.  Some unfortunately hiccups caused some delays.  Ones we’re fully responsible for and take ownership of.


And we have recently added the new Painkiller Jane: Price of Freedom series up on both Kindle and on our Store site for you to purchase digitally.  We hope you give them a try.


Again, we appreciate everyone’s support on each and every project we do!