The good news everyone is that we are starting the longer process of getting the Forager Kickstarter rewards sent out.  It went out longer than we had expected for delivery of the project (something which we have strive hard to never do) but we are working our way to delivering each backer with their reward tier.


The first digital deliveries went out this week and the print copies are unfortunately stuck in Chicago due to the unheard of weather they recently experienced.  But rest assured for all you print backers of Forager, we have already prepped most of the packages and once we get the books/prints, we’ll be working overtime to fulfill all you wonderful backers.

Miss out on Forager?  Make sure to keep an eye out for it right here on our website or via Amazon Kindle, etc. down the road.  And any backers who’ve read your digital copy, please spread the love on any social media platforms!

In addition to Forager, the team has been working hard at Batwing, All-Star Western and Painkiller Jane.  Make sure to pick up those comics at your local comic store!

If you’re looking for something different to try, Justin Gray has published his own short novel on the Kindle store for a mere $0.99 entitled: The Relic Raiders.  You can find more information about it at:


And make sure to check out our store for recently added items of the new Painkiller Jane: Price of Freedom series as well as some of our older titles like Monolith, Painkiller Jane, The Pro and more!