We’ve got great news for everyone!  We’ve recently met with the amazing team at Dynamic Comic Displays and have worked with them on creating some inventive ways for everyone to display their comic collection.  We know lots of people get signed books and collections and struggle to find a good way to show off their books to their friends in an attractive and meaningful way.  Well, that’s exactly what Dynamic Comic Displays allows you to do.

By creating an inventive and safe solution, you can display your books on the walls of your home, office, hallway and more!  Check out some of these great ideas they have come up with:

And we’re working with them to allow you as a fan to bundle our signed items together!  That’s right, we’ve got the frames in our house as well.  We wouldn’t do this if we weren’t fans of them already.  So head on over to their website (Dynamic Comic Displays) and check out their options!  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.