What a day it has been!  Our newest Kickstarter project, DENVER, has been making the rounds via the web in a tremendous way.  We’re thrilled to see the support of the project to this point and want to continue to encourage everyone to support if they can but more importantly thank each and every one of our backers to this point for helping up try to make this project possible.  We understand it is a reach and a goal we’ve never had to ask for before, however, we’re putting a lot more into this project from a page count perspective, variation of tier offerings, presentation, unique rewards, everything in the hopes of giving our fans a neat package.


Main project page:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1397702842/denver-a-72-page-mature-audience-original-graphic

We wanted to quickly summarize some of the press announcements from the last day (and there is more coming in the future from some big sources) about DENVER so we hope you get the opportunity to check them out.

Press releases:




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Again, we can’t show our appreciation more (well, we can and will if we every see any of you glorious people at a convention)!!!  You are all the best!!