Lots of news and reviews around the web for us so we’re glad you stopped by and hopefully we’ll do a good job about rounding up some of the news and reviews in one spot for you.

The Deep Sea 1 CoverFirst, our one shot called The Deep Sea came out yesterday from Dark Horse Comics.  It was a fun serial that we were able to do within Dark Horse Presents but we had the option to collected it in one book.  Below are some of the reviews of the book.  In the end, we are happy to be able to tell a fun, off beat story.




3057699-all+star+westernAlso out yesterday was All-Star Western #20, in which we continue the adventures of Jonah Hex with his new sheriff helper, Booster Gold.  This has been a fun arc to write and one we know snuck up on people so we hope that is a good thing.  We have been having a blast using Booster into the storyline and hopefully people enjoy seeing him back in the mix.


Finally, our WEAPON OF GOD Kickstarter is still going strong with the halfway point now here.  With your support, we have already eclipsed our goal and continue to drive more towards new stretch goals for the project.  We can’t tell you how happy that makes us and if you haven’t yet supported, there is still time to jump on board.


Lastly, just another quick reminder and plug that we are continue to roll out new digital downloads as we can get them on our website.  Anyone who has purchased items, we can’t thank you enough.  For those of you who haven’t, we hope you consider this option.  The books come directly from us and the funds go directly to our creators.  This helps us work on books like WEAPON OF GOD or Sex & Violence: Vol. 1.  So take some time and give us a try, you might be able to find a book you hadn’t tried before.


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