The world has lost a legend folks.  It is with great sadness that we share the loss of Darwyn Cooke’s passing this weekend and without a doubt, feel the emptiness in our hearts from the joy this man gave us.  When Darwyn entered the scene in what seems like just yesterday, he did it full throttle and with force.  As the years moved on, everyone at PaperFilms was blessed enough to be welcomed into the circle of joy that Darwyn created.  His passion, his energy, his caring and his love of comics.

When it was time for the laughable Canadian to take up some sort of residence in the US, thankfully he decided to live within minutes of Jimmy and Amanda in Florida.  Yes, the irony of another Canadian snowbird wasn’t lost on Darwyn. From his late night bar talks with Frank laughing and arguing about…..well, anything.  His love of old movies and deep conversations with Justin.  His love of anything old, humorous and twisted that he could share with Amanda.  The undying connection with Jimmy, like two brothers who found each other decades and instantly connected.  Each one of us was touched by Darwyn and we will never be the same.  We would be typing for years with all of the stories that we have had with Darwyn so we hope you understand that we want to be selfish and keep some for ourselves.

Darwyn was also one of the most passionate supporters of any project the PaperFilms team did.  Jumping in and helping on covers, advice, interiors or pinups, we never had to worry about him wanting to be involved.  It is that spirit and love that drove Darwyn in comics and in life.  Do it for yourself.  Do it as a creator.  We wanted to share one of the short stories that we swindled Darwyn into adding to our Creator Owned Heroes line.  Four pages we said.  What can you do in four pages?  He drops bombs of greatness on us.

We want to share somewhere you can help remember Darwyn for a good cause:  Go.  Help.  Share.


So take some time…..heck, take a lot of time and enjoy anything he touched.  From New Frontier to Parker to Before Watchmen to Jonah Hex, anything.  Sit and soak it in.  Raise a glass to his honor.  We’ve witnessed greatness.  He was a champion.  He was an inspiration.  He was a comedian.  He was a friend.  More importantly…..he was family.

We love you Dar…..there will never be another.