Whew…what a busy week we’ve got going.

First up, Jimmy and Amanda will be heading to the great state of TX for the Dallas Comic Con on May 17th to 19th.  Both Jimmy and Amanda will be on hand to sign your stuff, have limited items for purchase and most importantly, thank you for all your support!  Jimmy will also be participating in a Painkiller Jane panel with the wonderful Kristanna Loken.


Next, our newest Kickstarter, WEAPON OF GOD, is still available for support.  Even though we have hit our target number, we are still pushing forward and offering additional stretch rewards for anyone who is contributing.  So if you haven’t yet joined in the party, make sure you get in.  If you’ve done it in the past, you know that we take extra pride in giving our supporters the best we can on every product.


WeaponOfGodFinally, we’ve added some additional titles in our Digital Downloads section of our website for purchase.  You can now get the first four issues of Creator Owned Heroes directly from us.  That is the first story arc for both American Muscle and Triggergirl 6.  Again, the support has been great and the money goes directly to the creators and towards new projects, like WEAPON OF GOD.


We can’t thank you enough for your continued support.  You all rock!