First and foremost, our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone in Boston and anyone affected by the tragic events in the Boston area.  Such senseless acts just weigh on us.  Please, take some time and donate any amount if possible to someplace like Red Cross, we’re all a big family in this world.

Meanwhile, Amanda and Jimmy will be heading to Boston this weekend (20th and 21st) for the Boston Comic Con.  If you are in the area and need to take a break from the news and life for awhile, please swing by and say “Hi” to the couple.  They are sure to be thrilled to see and chat with anyone that stops by.  More information about the convention can be found at:

And more shameless plugging of our stuff.  Next week is All-Star Western #19 featuring a time traveling guest, that’s right, Booster Gold.  His appearance was a great addition to the storyline and one the gang is having a blast writing.  Make sure you are grabbing this issue, it will be hard to find.

We’re also continuing to build out the website more in the coming weeks.  The Digital Download section of the website ( is taking off and we’re thrilled to see the number of people who have been able to make a purchase and support our projects.  We can’t say enough about how important that is.  All the money goes directly to the creators without having to pay fees to the online providers or hosts.  You’ll see all of the projects are the creator owned works so that really does just fund more projects.  In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing more digital offerings as well as some new print versions of the books.  We appreciate your patience as we handle some hiccups and settings, but in the end, we do our best to make sure everyone that makes a purchase at our website is happy.

Everyone of you that supports our projects are tops in our book!