So, you might have heard the rumors but we can confirm that it is official.  Justin and Jimmy will be taking over Batwing for DC Comics.  Below are a few threads and articles talking about the changes:

We are extremely thrilled to be working on this book and like all our projects, we will be giving 100% of our efforts.

Lookout in March for those who participated in the Sex and Violence Kickstarter project, we are moving forward and will begin the process of distributing both the digital and physical books.

Also, for those fans in the Orlando, FL area (or traveling there), Mar. 15 to Mar. 17, several of the PaperFilms team will be in attendance at the MegaCon Convention.

If you are coming, make sure to swing by and say hello to Amanda, Justin, Jimmy and Frank.  This is a great chance to meet with them and for them to thank you for supporting their projects.