Hey all,

Finishing up from a great visit to the WonderCon and a quick signing at Meltdown Comics and checking out the web for all the great and thoughtful news and reviews on Batwing #19.  We really haven’t hit our stride until issue #20, but we are pleased with just a smattering of the reviews on issue #19.

Below is just a small sampling of the reviews:






In other news, there was a great interview done by Crave Online with Amanda (who deserves the spotlight) found at:


And the best news of all, Amanda was nominated for a Reuben award from the National Cartoonists Society!

Such awesome news and well deserved for her work on Silk Spectre:


Finally, we’re beginning the process of compiling and packaging our latest Kickstarter effort Sex and Violence: Vol. 1 for the printed copies.  It will be over 800+ packages to ship out but we’re thrilled that everyone who supported it gets their copy!