Hey everyone:

The convention season is still in full swing for the PaperFilms team.  We just finished up the great DragonCon in Atlanta and are doing a quick regroup before heading up the East Coast for the wonderful Baltimore Comic Con followed shortly by the upcoming massive New York Comic Con.

For those in the Baltimore area, if you are going to be at the Baltimore Comic Con (more information at:  http://baltimorecomiccon.com/ ), you can find Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri interacting with the fans and guests all weekend.  Head on over to the convention and say hello.  Additionally, if you have a chance to attend one of the team’s panels, we highly recommend it.  Inclusive of the always entertaining “Listen to Jimmy” panel.  We can’t stress enough how hard you will laugh at this panel.

Batman Day: 2:45 – 3:45pm (Jimmy Palmiotti)
The Marvel Panel:   11:00 – 12:00  (Frank Tieri)
Listen to Jimmy:  4:00 – 5:00  (Jimmy Palmiotti; Frank Tieri)
The Weird West:  12:15 – 1:15pm (Jimmy Palmiotti)

Amanda will be selling all her prints and sketchbooks at the convention so be sure to come to the booth and snag your own items directly from Amanda!  Jimmy/Amanda will also have a limited number of books for sale if you missed out on some of their other great past Kickstarters.  Autographs for Jimmy and Amanda will be limited to 10 items.  Those getting items signed for CGC grading purposes, they simply ask for a $5 fee.  Baltimore will also have a limited edition of Harley Quinn #20 (you will need to get this directly from the convention) to snag and sign.


After the Baltimore Comic Con, two weeks later is the massive NYCC (http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/) so keep an eye on the website for more updates as we get closer.


And finally, if you are unable to get to either convention, we recommend heading on over to the PaperFilms Store where you can snag many of the convention items we have, signed and delivered right to your doorstep.  Again, this support goes directly to the creators themselves.  It is a great way to get involved and support the entire PaperFilms team directly.

We hope to see you all at one of the upcoming conventions!