PaperFilms NYCC schedule

Hey everyone,

If you’re going to be headed to the massive NYCC this coming week/weekend and you’re looking to find Jimmy and Amanda, they will be at booth G8.  There panel schedule is as following:




AMANDA: Solo panel: 1-1:45 RM 1B03
JIMMY: Plotting to pencils: 2-2:45 RM 1B03


JIMMY: Signing at JET CITY booth. 3:00-3:30
JIMMY: DC COMICS panel: 4:15-5 rm 1a06
AMANDA: DC Women in comics: 6:15-7 rm 1a06


JIMMY: Crowdfund your project: 1:15-2 rm 1a01
JIMMY Listen to jimmy panel with guests; 3:15-4 RM 1A14


Also had some great coverage on the Painkiller Jane upcoming movie at MoviePilot:,manual,manual

And finally, if you can’t make the NYCC, don’t forget, from now till Oct. 12, we have a 15% sale ongoing.  Just enter NYCC at checkout for 15% your products!

Thanks everyone

New York Comic Con, Tampa signing and store sale

What a busy October for the team.  After wrapping up a wonderful Long Beach Comic Con event, the team is quickly regrouping to participate in a short Saturday signing and then off to the Big Apple for the monstrous NYCC.

First, if we were lucky to visit with any of our followers at Long Beach Comic Con, we truly thank you for coming out and visiting us.  The lines were long for Jimmy and Amanda and we appreciate your patience.  It was a wonderful convention and one we’re thrilled with the turnout.


This Saturday, October 4, 2014, if you’re in the Tampa, FL, be sure to swing by Heroes’ Haven Comics from 1:00pm to 3:00pm to see Amanda and Jimmy for a Harley Quinn signing!  More information can be found at the store’s website:

The following weekend, October 9th – 12th, if you are in the NY area and are planning on visiting the New York City Comic Con, swing by table of Amanda and Jimmy to say Hi.  They are participating in a number of panels throughout the weekend so be sure to check out the convention website for all the information.

Finally, in honor of a great LBCC and the upcoming NYCC, for all those fans who are not able to make the convention scene right now, we’re hosting our own website convention sale.  From now to Oct. 12, if you enter NYCC at checkout, you’ll receive 15% off your products!  That’s right, save some cash, support the team!

We hope to see some of you faithful fans at any of the signings and upcoming conventions.  You’re all the best!

Sex & Violence: Vol. 2 campaign winding up; NoiseTrade and Reddit

Hey gang,

We’re now a week out from the end of the SEX & VIOLENCE: Vol. 2 campaign. It’s been a great campaign so far thanks to all of your wonderful support. With 7 days to go, we’re a little over $3,000 away from unlocking the $40K stretch goal. We can get there!  If you’re wondering what you can do to help unlock that stretch goal, you can share on Facebook or Twitter not only the SEX & VIOLENCE: Vol 2 page but also some of the cool press coverage the project has gotten this month.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

PLAYBOY 5 page except of “Daddy Issues” and a personal essay by Jimmy about mature comics, 8/25

13TH DIMENSION, 5 of Jimmy’s Favorite Sexy Covers, 8/26

CRIMESPREE Jimmy recommends 5 sexy noir films, 8/28

13TH DIMENSION 5 of Justin’s favorite war covers, 9/8

CBS MAN CAVE Jimmy writes about what inspires him, 9/14

Oh and have you always wanted to ask Jimmy a question? Well, tomorrow REDDIT will host an Ask Me Anything session at 2 PM ET. It should be fun, especially if you all show up!

If you want to ask Jimmy a question in person, he and Amanda will be appearing at some conventions this fall.

First up, both Jimmy and Amanda will be Guests of Honor at Long Beach Comic Con on September 27th and 28 and we’ll be joined by lots of cool people, include SEX & VIOLENCE cover artist Dave Johnson. We’ll be on all sorts of panels, including “Listen to Jimmy” and a panel about how to run a Kickstarter campaign. And there’s gonna be a cool exclusive top secret thing that our fans will like that’ll be announced this week. You can buy tix here:

If you’re on the east coast, don’t worry. Jimmy, Amanda and Dave are coming to New York Comic Con on October 9th to 12. There’s all sorts of cool things that will be happening at the show. You can buy tix here:

If you’re a fan of PAINKILLER JANE, you can head over to Noisetrade‘s growing library of graphic novels. You can download the book for free, or you can choose to donate. Jimmy is a supporter of this site and always send a few bucks. Check it out if you are interested.  And for those of you who have been chasing down some of our past Kickstarter projects, make sure you swing on over to our website, and check out our shop.  Besides both print and digital versions of our Kickstarter projects, we also have some convention Amanda Conner prints plus a newly added to the site, Amanda Conner sketchbook.  It is a great way to directly support the PaperFilms team!

Thanks again everybody. Your feedback and your support is what keeps us coming back for more PaperFilms Kickstarter campaigns.

Thanks from the entire PaperFilms team!!!

All new items available from PaperFilms

Happy weekend all!

We’re thrilled to see our Kickstarter project of Sex & Violence: Vol. 2 already achieve our initial goal.  We’ve got some great tiers lined up for stretch goals so if you are still interested in backing the project and getting in on some great rewards, please, head on over to the Kickstarter page:

In other exciting news, we have some great, great new additions to the PaperFilms store.  We have two new Amanda Conner prints (while they last) of Harley Quinn, some print copies of the great TriggerGirl 6 story (with amazing Phil Noto art), a limited number of our last Kickstarter DENVER in book form and we’ve opened up a limited amount of Amanda Conner sketchbooks (originally convention only).



So head on over to the Shop and snag some of these great products!

Thanks everyone!

Reasons PaperFilms loves our local Comic Stores

Everyone here at the PaperFilms team loves our local Comic Stores.  Even if we have our books in digital format, even if we use the Kickstarter format to distribute our books, we still always work with and support as many of our local Comic Retailers.  What is better is if we are able to have our a store come up to us and offer up a wonderful opportunity to spotlight the team.

When a wonderful staffer at B&M Amusement approached us about doing a spotlight on Jimmy Palmiotti and said he had worked out  an idea to help not only promote the creator but try to draw new readers into our projects, we quickly worked out the details and jumped in.  Tyler went all out.

2014-08-27_14-55-15_162 2014-08-27_16-16-16_789 2014-08-27_14-55-23_285 2014-08-27_15-00-18_117

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out for the month of September the spotlight on Jimmy Palmiotti and the other PaperFilms team:
B&M Amusement
5036 Hwy 58
Chattanooga, TN 37419
And as we continue on the Labor Day holiday, we have been so thankful to reach our stated goal for Sex & Violence: Vol. 2 but we’re not looking to stop.  We’ve already got one stretch goal announced and we’ve got a couple other items cooked up that we’ll be posting soon.  So, if you’ve ever considered backing a Kickstarter by the PaperFilms team, now is a good time.  We’ve got plenty of options to purchase both the current project but also snag a copy of Sex & Violence: Vol. 1 with a new Amanda Conner and Dave Johnson cover.  This is important as of right now, we have no more copies of Vol. 1 (first print).  A testament to everyone’s desire to support these projects.  We can’t thank you enough.
Head on over to the Sex & Violence: Vol. 2 Kickstarter page to join the madness!
Have a wonderful holiday folks!

Sex and Violence Vol. 2 Kickstarter is live

Well folks, we are super excited to announce the PaperFilms seventh (that’s right, seventh) Kickstarter is going live today!  We’re happy to announce the well received Sex and Violence Vol. 2 Kickstarter is live:

We’ve got some great stories included in the project, with some amazing talent.  Containing three unique stories, amazing artists for the tales, what we hope is cool concepts and stories and all wrapped up in some amazing covers by the uber talented Amanda Conner and the snuggly Dave Johnson.


If you are able to join the campaign, we’d love to see you participate!