Shop with us, save with us.

Hey everyone,

We have some great news. Not only can we help you save a little bit of sanity by keeping you out of the insane Black Friday store madness, we’re also offering you the great opportunity to support the entire PaperFilms team this holiday season in a couple of different ways.

First way: You can head over to our PaperFilms shop ( add any and all items to your shopping cart and use coupon code:  HOLIDAY to your order.  This will knock an amazing 25% off all of your order (excluding shipping) from now till 12/16/2015.  That’s right, almost 3 weeks of savings for each and every one of our glorious backers and fans.  While it might not be the $200 you might save on an unwanted 89″ plasma, ultra-deafening, 3D, inverted curved, diamond laced TV set, we’re sure that you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of some of the great PaperFilms offerings.  So go ahead, jump on over to the Store and snag some items.  Remember, all of the sales goes directly to the PaperFilms team.  We sign them, we box them up and we ship them to you ourselves.  Our warehouse to your door.

Second way:  As you know, we partnered with Threadless T-Shirts and designs to produce some great PaperFilms related gear.  From T-shirts to wall art to phone cases, these items are a great way to show your love of all things PaperFilms.  We truly get an endless joy when we see someone at a signing or a convention who walks up to the table wearing some of our gear.  That tells us we have the best fans.  The truly great thing is, from 11/27/2015 – 12/16/2015, Threadless will also be offering a 25% discount on our items.  Simply go to our Artist page ( during that sales window and you’ll save 25% on all purchases.

And finally, we hope that you keep an eye on our website for some exciting news we have upcoming about some different projects and offerings on the website.

The entire PaperFilms team wishes each and every one of you lovely backers our fully appreciation and thanks!  Have a wonderful holiday everyone!