Sex and Violence Vol. 2 Kickstarter is live

Well folks, we are super excited to announce the PaperFilms seventh (that’s right, seventh) Kickstarter is going live today!  We’re happy to announce the well received Sex and Violence Vol. 2 Kickstarter is live:

We’ve got some great stories included in the project, with some amazing talent.  Containing three unique stories, amazing artists for the tales, what we hope is cool concepts and stories and all wrapped up in some amazing covers by the uber talented Amanda Conner and the snuggly Dave Johnson.


If you are able to join the campaign, we’d love to see you participate!

Looking for Boston Comic Con table information?

Are you going to be one of the lucky fans getting to go to the Boston Comic Con?  If so, swing by and see some of the PaperFilms team at the convention.

You can find Amanda, Frank and Jimmy at the convention in the following location:

  • Amanda – C802
  • Frank – C803
  • Jimmy – C801

The team will have several books and the famous Amanda Conner prints on sale.  Stop by and say Hi, have some stuff signed, mock Frank accordingly!

More information about the convention can be found at:

Looking forward to seeing everyone!