Painkiller Jane #2 Order form

Just a quick post here folks, Painkiller Jane #2 is in the current Previews for Marvel Icon.  Below is the kick ass cover for Painkiller Jane #2 by Amanda Conner.

PKJ_002_CoverThe Icon imprint is essentially print to order so if you want a physical copy of the book, we encourage you to use the form displayed below to print out and hand to your local retailer to ensure you are getting your copy of the book.  Every little bit helps.  If you have others that maybe interested, please, hand around.  This is a big project for us and we’re thrilled to be able to tell this story.

PKJ2OrderFormWe hope you join us on the ride!  Thanks gang!

Foraging ahead with some posts around the web

Hey gang:

We’ve gotten some recent press regarding FORAGER as we near in towards the end of the campaign funding.  We hope you get a chance and check out the interviews and articles as they add a little background to what direction we are going with the book, some background on what our inspiration was, how Steven Cummings approached the book.  What is great is that some of the links posted below were done by our past supporters on their own.  We love that kind of dedication from our past “team”.  We work extremely hard to give each and every one of our backers the rewards and service they expect when they lay down their money for a project, so seeing some of these articles and postings makes us really appreciate the support everyone gives us!

Links regarding FORAGER:

So if you haven’t gotten aboard the project, make sure to join the fun, we’d love to have you aboard.  You can find out more about the campaign at:

Here are some preview pages from Steven Cummings on art:


tease1 tease2


And as always, if you are looking for the digital or print version for some of our past Kickstarter campaigns, or simply some of our other projects, head on over to our SHOP and check out some of our offerings.

Thanks everyone!




The Pro and Weapon of God Digital Downloads

Just a quick update everyone.  We’ve added both The Pro and our latest Kickstarter, Weapon of God, are now available for digital download!  We’ve had numerous requests for these products and we’ve listened.

WOG_ConCover thepro

So head on over to the PaperFilms Store ( ) and give either these books or any one of our other fine offerings a chance.  In the coming days, we will be listing a convention only cover for Weapon of God (image on above left) for a physical print copy for those who weren’t able to participate in the previous Kickstarter.

Finally, if anyone is going to be in Baltimore this weekend, Jimmy, Amanda and Frank will be at the Baltimore Comic Con on Sept. 7th and 8th.  If you’re there, be sure to swing by and show the crew some love!

Painkiller Jane: Price of Freedom #1 Order form

PKJ_IconBy now, hopefully you’ve read some of the news regarding Painkiller Jane making her lovely way back to print coming out from the Marvel Icon imprint. If you haven’t read the good news, you can read more about the new 4 issue mini-series, Painkiller Jane: Price of Freedom at Comicbookresources:


With this, comes your part.  In this month’s Previews, the book is listed for ordering.  Pre-order is the key on titles like this.  There is minimal or no overprint on this title.  Telling your retailer that you want this book is key and honestly, a huge help to us!.  In order to make it easier on you, we’ve created a simple order form that you can print and take to your local retailer and ask them to order a copy for you.

PKJ1OrderFormWe really can’t thank you enough for all your support on the new series.  In addition, we’ve also put up the original Painkiller Jane #0 issue for digital download on our Shop.  This is a double sized issue with art by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Seriously, this is one of our pride and joy projects.  We love Jane.  So download it and give it a try.  Again, we appreciate all your loyal support with this and other projects!  You guys rock!!!!!