Painkiller Jane's new home and other projects.

So, before the bombardment of news out of SDCC, there is some good news for true PaperFilms fans:  Painkiller Jane has found a new home.


We are happy to announce that Jimmy has taken Painkiller Jane to Marvel Comics under the Icon imprint.  It is important to note, Marvel is just hosting the comic, she is still first and foremost Jimmy and Joe’s creation and ownership.  The first mini-series is scheduled for November this year with art by Juan Santacruz on the main story with Sam Lofti doing backup stories in the book.  Amanda Conner is on covers.  We were also able to snag Dave Johnson to design a snappy new logo for Jane.

You can read more about the announcement at CBR:

In other news, Jimmy and Justin have taken on a very exciting new project in co-operation with Amazon, under their exclusive Jet City Comics imprint.  This will be a Kindle only distribution to start with.  Justin and Jimmy will be adapting the novel series Wool.

More info about this project can be found at:

They have teamed up with Sex & Violence: Vol. 1 artist, Jimmy Broxton for this tale.  This is an adaptation of Hugh Howey’s bestselling dystopian novel.  The team is thrilled for this project.

Stay tuned to the site for more announcements coming out of SDCC.  We have some others ones in the works!