artist: ZEU

Derek, Jenna and Shawn worked for Sire Pharmaceuticals. Together they developed a system of bandages containing nanotechnology that repaired and reconstructed hopelessly damaged bone, muscle and skin on a cellular level.

The celebration of their success was blunted for Derek Totenkopf by the revelation that during the close working conditions Jenna and Shawn fell in love and are going to be married. After the couple left, Derek, in a fit of rage, broke the neck of a laboratory rabbit that was wrapped in the bandages. He was astonished when the animal came back to life after an hour, although with an aggressive temperament and strength to match.

Calling Jenna and Shawn back, he explains this amazing new development and is ready to experiment on something larger. Shawn advises caution and wants to report these finding to the administration. But by this time Derek is mad with power and Shawn and Jenna end up dead. Although for Jenna, that is a temporary condition.



VotM #1 cover

VotM #1 cover

VotM #2 cover

VotM #2 cover inks