Craving a taste for seafood with a steaming side of goof du jour? Well, have we got the place for you! Somewhere south of Venice Beach and North of Laguna lies a world-famous eatery… welcome to the Chateau Pousheau Seafood Restaurant, owned by our two stars SURF and TURF.

Surf is an and expert surfer and beach bum… who happens to be a lobster. He has taken the role of slacker to an art form, and his uncallused claws are a testament that he’s never worked a day in his life… not that he’s ever attempted to. Surf’s gift for gab and smooth manner has gotten him out of trouble so far, and makes him the perfect host of a restaurant where most patrons fear the chef. 

Turf is an ex-Navy, ill-mannered, bad-tempered bull with a talent to wield a spatula like Picasso with a paintbrush. He has the heart of a poet with the accent of a Brooklyn longshoreman. Turf lives to cook gourmet delicacies and yearns for the attention given to all the other great chefs… unfortunately his conduct drives away twice as many customers as his cooking attracts. 

To Surf, life is a never-ending party of sun, fun and tanning butter. He is also a never-ending source of aggravation to his restaurant partner Turf… especially when Surf gets all the credit that Turf so desperately craves. It is around this mismatched duo, the restaurant and the beach outside their door that all the escapades unfold. Their misadventures make up the bulk of the show, but that’s not to say we are without other prominent personalities!



Surf / Chateau Pousheau 

Tiki Bar / Dining Room

Kitchen antics