artist: SCOTT LEE

The 22 BRIDES are a team consisting of Hardkiss, Mercy, Go-Go, Deseo, Carrie, Frenchie, Libby, Tweety, Lulu, Ali, and Marilyn. Envisioned as a group of dysfunctional girls who all had bad luck and unfortunate circumstances thrown their way, they all strove to help others who faced similar challenges and hurdles in their life. Coming from the streets of the city, the members of the BRIDES have unique voices gained in those dark corners, alleys, and rundown apartment complexes. With their respective ethnic backgrounds, social upbringing, looks, and ages, each character could relate to the city. Created with Joe Quesada.


22 Brides #1 cover

22 Brides #2 cover

22 Brides #3 cover

22 Brides #4 cover